The Art of Short Filmmaking

We provide filmmakers with a platform to experiment with creative ideas and unique narratives in a condensed format.


Impact and Influence of Short Films

Despite their brevity, short films can leave a lasting impact on viewers, evoking powerful emotions and sparking thought-provoking discussions.


Showcasing Diversity through Short Films

Short films celebrate diversity by highlighting various cultures, perspectives, and experiences in a compact yet meaningful manner.

"Film is the visual medium of the modern world, and it’s a language everyone can understand."

Christopher Nolan

Who we are

Background Overview

The California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) stands as a leading force in California’s vibrant film festival landscape, boasting remarkable success and rapid growth. Since its establishment in 1997, CAIFF has garnered extensive coverage from national and global media outlets, showcasing a curated selection of Artistic Indie International Films.


Celebrity Tributes

CAIFF has honored esteemed personalities such as Oscar Winners Richard Dreyfuss, Martin Landau, and Cloris Leachman, along with notable figures like Tony Curtis, Rita Moreno, Diane Ladd, and many others, celebrating their contributions to Artistic Indie International Films.